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OK, flist, help me get rid of these old books from classes. I've had these sitting around ~in case I needed them~ and for most, I haven't. I've already got a good amount to trade in to Amazon and Powell's, but I still have all these left. So if there's anything you want, holla at me. All I ask is that you pay for shipping and maybe toss in a few extra bucks. At this point, I don't really care if I make back the money I spent on them; I just want them gone and to a good home. If you want anything, let me know by Wednesday or Thursday, cos after that, I'm gonna try to pawn them off on local bookshops or donate them somewhere (and if you guys know somewhere I can donate them, let me know. I can't just throw them out).

  • Robbins, Richard R., Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach (Fourth Edition) ISBN: 0-534-67074-5
  • Cahill, Thomas, How the Irish Saved Civilization ISBN: 0-385-41849-3
  • Covington, Dennis, Salvation on Sand Mountain ISBN 0-201-62292-0 claimed by [ profile] rosicrucian
  • Carter, Stephen L., The Culture of Disbelief ISBN: 978-0-382-47498-6 claimed by [ profile] rosicrucian
  • Ooka, Shohei, Fires on the Plain ISBN: 0-8048-1397-5 claimed by [ profile] exitmusic__
  • Mori, Ogai, Wild Geese ISBN: 0-8048-1070-2 claimed by [ profile] exitmusic__
  • Osborne, Richard and Borin Van Loon, Introducing Sociology ISBN: 1-84046-523-2 claimed by [ profile] exitmusic__
  • Robertson, Jennifer Takarazuka ISBN: 0-520-21150-0 claimed by [ profile] apneatic_melody
  • Henson, Maria Rosa, Comfort Woman ISBN: 0-8476-9149-7M claimed by [ profile] agentduckiechan
  • Eagleton, Terry, The Truth About the Irish ISBN: 0-312-26403-8
  • Paolini, Christopher, Eragon ISBN: 0-375-82669-6
  • Eco, Umberto, Six Walks in the Fictional Woods ISBN: 0-674-81051-1
  • Koyooka, Eiichi, The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa ISBN: 0-231-08373-4
  • Charon, Joel M., Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective ISBN: 0-534-60952-x
  • Richie, Donald, A Hundred Years of Japanese Film ISBN: 4-7700-2682-x
  • Field, Norma, In the Realm of a Dying Emperor ISBN: 0-679-74189-5 claimed by [ profile] exitmusic__
  • Kelsky, Karen, Women on the Verge: Japanese Women, Western Dreams ISBN: 0-8223-2816-x
  • Eitzen, D. Stanley and George H. Sage, Sociology of North American Sport (Sixth Edition) ISBN: 0-697-25885-8
  • Hill-Collins, Patricia, Black Feminist Thought (Second Edition) ISBN: 0-415-92484-7
  • Hiriyanna, M., The Essentials of Indian Philosophy ISBN: 81-208-1330-8 claimed by [ profile] rosicrucian
  • Chambliss, Daniel F. and Russell K. Schutt, Making Sense of the Social World (Second Edition) ISBN: 1-4129-2717-x
  • Goode, Erich and Nachman Ben-Yuhuda, Moral Panics ISBN: 0-631-18905-x claimed by [ profile] rosicrucian

Also got some old manga for those that like the animu.

  • Chobits #1
  • Bleach #1 claimed by [ profile] tacchon
  • Gravitation #1 claimed by [ profile] tacchon
  • Marmalade Boy #1-4 (#5-8 claimed by [ profile] tacchon)
  • Kare Kano #1-3 claimed by [ profile] tacchon
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