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So apparently I still had a bunch of books I didn't want sitting around in my closet and did not discover them until right before I moved. You know what that means: another book giveaway! Just like last time, if you pay for shipping, I'll send you whatever and however many books you want. And any extra dollar dollar bills you want to throw in would be appreciated. I can either quote you how much it'd be to ship if you give me your zip code/country or I can just send them and you can pay me back later. I'm pretty easy, so long as I, y'know, get my money.

  • Corsaro, William A., The Sociology of Childhood (2004 edition) dibs by [ profile] ltgmars
  • Hesselink, Reiner H., Prisoners from Nambu
  • Heng, Liang & Judith Shapiro, Son of the Revolution
  • Feiler, Bruce, Learning to Bow: Insider the Heart of Japan dibs by [ profile] ginger001
  • Hibbett (ed.), Contemporary Japanese Literature dibs by [ profile] gimmick_game
  • McMichael, Philip, Development and Social Change: A Global Perspective
  • Suzuki, Koji, The Ring (I have two copies of this, btw)
  • Fruhstuck, Sabine, Uneasy Warriors dibs by [ profile] agentduckiechan
  • Hur, Nam-lin, Death and Social Order in Tokugawa Japan dibs by [ profile] gimmick_game
  • Pruitt, Ida, A Daughter of Han
  • Conley, Dalton, Kate W. Strully and Neil G. Bennett, The Starting Gate: Birth Weight and Life Chances (I know I highlighted some in this, but it's still in perfect condition)
  • LeBlanc, Adrian Nicole, Random Faily
  • Strong, Kenneth, Ox Against the Storm: A biography of Tanaka Shozo
  • Hamill, Sam and J.P. Seaton, The Essential Chuang Tzu
  • Withgott, Jay and Scott Brennan, Environment
  • Goldstein, Joshua S. and Jon C. Pevehouse, International Relations (Seventh edition)

  • Robbins, Richard R., Cultural Anthropology: A Problem-Based Approach (Fourth Edition) ISBN: 0-534-67074-5
  • Cahill, Thomas, How the Irish Saved Civilization ISBN: 0-385-41849-3
  • Covington, Dennis, Salvation on Sand Mountain ISBN 0-201-62292-0
  • Carter, Stephen L., The Culture of Disbelief ISBN: 978-0-382-47498-6
  • Eagleton, Terry, The Truth About the Irish ISBN: 0-312-26403-8 dibs by [ profile] gimmick_game
  • Paolini, Christopher, Eragon ISBN: 0-375-82669-6
  • Charon, Joel M., Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective ISBN: 0-534-60952-x
  • Richie, Donald, A Hundred Years of Japanese Film ISBN: 4-7700-2682-x dibs by [ profile] ltgmars
  • Eitzen, D. Stanley and George H. Sage, Sociology of North American Sport (Sixth Edition) ISBN: 0-697-25885-8 dibs by [ profile] falchiar
  • Hill-Collins, Patricia, Black Feminist Thought (Second Edition) ISBN: 0-415-92484-7
  • Hiriyanna, M., The Essentials of Indian Philosophy ISBN: 81-208-1330-8
  • Chambliss, Daniel F. and Russell K. Schutt, Making Sense of the Social World (Second Edition) ISBN: 1-4129-2717-x
  • Goode, Erich and Nachman Ben-Yuhuda, Moral Panics ISBN: 0-631-18905-x
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