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So, it's no secret that I love astrology. Not to the point where I base all my important decisions around it, but it's a fun way to analyze personalities, I think. I follow @ZodiacFacts on Twitter, and I think they're a pretty damn good astrologer. It's fun to see about me (Taurus supremacy!) and my friends, but I totally admit to reading the little tidbits about Virgo, Aquarius, Gemini and Sagittarius with Arashi in mind. With that, I've decided to compile some of them here. This could get long, so just be prepared for lots of words. These aren't in any real order other than that in which they were posted.

I take absolutely no credit for these. They all belong to ZodiacFacts -- I'm just the crazed fangirl using them for my own purposes.

Notes: Facts are posted in their cardinal order: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius. Aiba is actually on the cusp of Sagittarius and Capricorn, but he's always struck me as leaning more toward Sag than Cap. Sho and Ohno are also born close to the cusp, but born far enough into the next sign that it doesn't exert as much of an influence as it would for Aiba.

If I get bored, I might do their full charts, but to do the whole thing I'd need to know the times at which they were born (within an hour) to get their ascendant. I can do it without, but the ascendant is important since your ascendant is kind of your public face. Sooo yeah, if you know those or know where I might find them (and keep in mind I know Japanese, so don't worry if it's a Japanese site), holla back at me.

Gemini: Nino (May 21 - Jun 21)
  • Witty, earnest and easily distracted
  • Turn-Ons: Intrigue, playing hard to get, being given a long leash/lot of freedom, reading periodicals
  • Turn-Offs: People who interrupt, possessiveness, jealousy, domination, those who complain of boredom.
  • should determine to free themselves forever from their tendency to sit in judgment upon their fellow-creatures.
  • are the people who most deceive them­selves.
  • are never still, though a responsibility or a duty will settle these people with as much alacrity then other signs.
  • crave knowledge, but are exceedingly impatient of methods of learning.
  • are talented people, with the abilities to draw, dance, or play musical instruments.
  • are well-suited to be explorers, writers, merchants, translators, publicists or talk show hosts.
  • One should always remember that a Gemini man is not prone to jealousy,and avoids being over-possessive as a partner.
  • loves challenges and is a natural politician.
  • generally too noble-minded to indulge in any kind of adultery, when in a relationship.
  • sees beauty in the brain and mind more than in the physical appearance
  • has a sex appeal that attracts women.
  • the way a Gemini man thinks, makes him highly versatile, spontaneous and always ready to face challenges.
  • is a real charmer and has a good sense of humor
  • is always open to learn new things about every sphere of life
  • charm and cheek can be annoying, but irresistible. I love this one XD it's so true
  • Overconfidence is a very typical Gemini trait
  • will mostly find their solace in professions that allow them to express freely
  • attract a lot of attention naturally, without even trying
  • can go from being a delightful companion to a moody antagonist in very short period of time
  • Independence and restlessness can make the Gemini personality seem superficial to others
  • like to skip back and forth in a book, a pattern of action they also prefer when it comes to things other than reading
  • are happy and unhappy, satisfied and dissatisfied at the same time.
  • To seduce a Gemini, flatter them and focus on their mind.
  • learn quickly and easily, and seek out opportunities to acquire new knowledge.
  • should find a way to be understood through your patience and willingness to understand others
  • may seem vile, mind you; they are a very intelligent lot.
  • are not the most sentimental of lovers, although they have a wonderful way with words.
  • look for lively relationships with plenty of activity and communication
  • act young, never seem to age and keep things active both in and out of bed
  • have a diverse collection of friends to satisfy the many sides of their ever-shifting intellects.
  • is the chatterbox of the zodiac, making a lot of phone calls and visiting many different people over the course of a day

Virgo: Matsujun (Aug 23 - Sep 23)
  • Smart, a bit finicky, and ever-caring.
  • Turn-Ons: Informed opinions, meticulous wardrobes, appreciation for his precise opinions and good taste.
  • Turn-Offs: Dandruff, hot-dog stands and dive bars, inside jokes when he isn't inside, being smarter
  • are apt to pick everything and everybody to pieces.
  • should lay bare their inmost selves to the magnifying glass which they are so fond of using with others.
  • There is very little change in the appearance of a Virgo person endowed with ordinary common sense from thirty to sixty years.
  • is the one sign of the Zodiac which is credited with an almost total immunity from diseases.
  • are perpetually in a state of inquiry
  • are admirable people who love their schoolwork because of their natural intellectual curiosity.
  • are well-suited to be chemists, doctors, investigators, nutritionists, veterinarians, managers and entrepreneurs.
  • once they have committed themselves to a lover, anyone showing interest in their lover is likely to spark a bout of jealousy.
  • tend to be the slowest and most lethargic ones, but also the ones that are most lucky, monetarily speaking.
  • Most irritable at all times, Virgos believe that they can get away with almost anything in this universe.
  • Known to be a rational spender when it comes to money, a Virgo is never stingy
  • Given that Virgo men are absolute fascists about cleanliness and are physically abhorred by dirt, they generally keep healthy
  • have a practical bend of mind, which nurtures the pursuit of trueness
  • fancy things being done, adhering to standards and proper methodology
  • would rather keep to themselves than make small talk.
  • have little patience for those who lack common sense, or those who are easily influenced by popular opinions.
  • may not be romantic, but they are considerate and committed
  • don't like people probing their minds and asking them a lot of questions until a relationship is formed.
  • worry about what is going to happen or be discussed on dates and in relationships.
  • is the sign of the virgin, but you can't take the symbolism too literally.
  • Many people find Virgos cold and detached because they live in their minds, not in their emotions and feelings
  • are straight shooters who deal in the truth, plain and simple, and who like to smooth the progress of solutions
  • is very pleasant to look at as a rule, even if he is not quintessentially handsome
  • should surround themselves with people who will support and appreciate there analytical and organizational abilities
  • expresses love by doing things for, and fussing over, their loved ones
  • can be overcritical and harsh at times.
  • are perfectionists and whatever they do, they need to do it thoroughly and get it exactly right.
  • are never secretive or under-handed

Sagittarius: Aiba and Ohno (Nov 22 - Dec 22)
  • Voyagers, team-players, and a little ADHD.
  • Turn-Ons: Get-up-and-goers, great sense of humor, independent spirits, strong self-esteem.
  • Turn-Offs: 'Fraidy cats, couch potatoes, self-imposed restrictions about bedtime, traveling and food.
  • A lot of those born under the Sagittarius sign are misunderstood, so it is best for them to have very few confidential friends.
  • expect too much of others.
  • are kind, loving, friendly, and consequently popular people.
  • are well-suited to careers as travel agents, explorers, professors, photographers, and ambassadors.
  • frank and open motives are often misunderstood, threatening to more subdued signs.
  • Like the Archer, Sagittarius are extremely precise in their goals and are known to love logically bright things
  • Known to be extremely slow, almost lethargic, a Sagittarius precision is unmatched.
  • care for their elders and respect them.
  • are, sadly, often mistaken as being flirts because of their friendliness
  • have the ability to look beyond the external appearances and appreciate a person for his nature more than his looks
  • ordering a Sagittarius to do anything literally falls on deaf ears and they will never ever do it.
  • Beneath the cool and casual exterior of a Sagittarius is a childish and lovely heart that is free from cruelty and deception.
  • are very outspoken and literally have an inability to keep their thoughts to themselves.
  • jovial nature, wit and intellect, naturally makes people attracted to them.
  • are neat and orderly, and very careful in money matters, saving, but not penurious.
  • are distinguished for minding their own business and keeping their own secrets.
  • have split personalities when it comes to relationships and projects.
  • is firmly convinced that life right now is as good as it’s ever been, and that the best is still to come
  • can be easy to companion but not to partner, so to speak.
  • value spontaneity, and prefer to "wing it" when it comes to love.
  • associate love and relationships with adventure, learning, and growth.
  • seek the next challenge and the next big adrenaline rush, and in some cases this seeking can lead to drug abuse nobody say anything about that weed rumour, k? k
  • are inclined to do things that are damaging to their health, or even things that can endanger their lives.
  • is very much a public man

Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp: Aiba (Dec 19 - Dec 24)
  • Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp is practical and optimistic. They are outgoing, and can be very friendly.
  • Those born on the Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp will help shape the future.

Aquarius: Sho (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
  • Intelligent, open, and prone to revolutionary ideas
  • Turn-Ons: Good conversation, acceptance and compassion, eccentricity.
  • Turn-Offs: Stupid rules (especially ones about dating), coercion or nagging.
  • often say harsh things to those they love best, but these things come from the head and not from the heart.
  • are born of an overweening desire to appear to the best advantage of people.
  • are very fond of titles, and of using in ordi­nary conversation the prefixes to the names of their intimates.
  • the undeveloped Aquarius individual is sometimes a great braggart and very tiresome in calling attention to aris­tocracy.
  • The eyes of the silent, quiet Aquarius person have great hypnotic force.
  • have a strong sense of obligation, and exert themselves to be worthy of trust.
  • have a great interest in progressive accomplishment and the progress of the world.
  • are well-suited to careers as inventors, politicians, writers, scientists, astronauts, artists and astrologers.
  • to the Aquarius the freedom to roam and explore is all-important.
  • it is again their hunger for knowledge that makes an Aquarius interact with people
  • men with the Aquarius zodiac sign show a great deal of respect and recognition for their loved ones.
  • can fall in either of the two personalities: one gentle and patient and the another of a practical and exuberant nature
  • are often at their best in social settings and work well with groups
  • if you cross and cheat on an Aquarius, don't expect to be welcomed back with opened arms
  • nevertheless enjoy defying public opinion, and they secretly delight in shocking more people with erratic conduct.
  • do not trust their emotions. They tend to wonder about alot of things
  • are accepting when it comes to relationships and friendships. They do not have high demands.
  • dislikes money matters that involve lending and borrowing.
  • tends to approach sex via the mind
  • believe in the future and have the alacrity to change what does not work
  • believe in the new, unknown, and unconventional.
  • have an aloof of air about them that others find attractive
  • Infatuations happen easily, but true love can be a little elusive for a Aquarius
  • wants to be loved, probed, hugged and cajoled by other sun signs and other air signs.
  • Despite a stubborn streak, Aquarius are more open than most to listening to and thinking about the ideas of others
  • are experimental sensation seekers and may get into trouble as a result

So! there you have it. What do you think? Agree or disagree? Comment, discuss astrology with me, or just spazz a little. There's a bunch of stuff about love and sex I didn't post because I like to pretend I'm classy, but if you want me post that up, I can do that, too.

Edit: So people stop saying "not all these apply to me": all the facts posted here that don't apply to you if you're that sign are probably the ones for males of that sign. How the signs manifest themselves is different for men and women, so if it seems off, it's probably not pertinent to you.

And again, Aiba is on the Sag-Cap cusp but more Sag than Cap. And I'm not posting info about your sign if you're not up here cos I don't own these. ZodiacFacts on Twitter does. Browse through there and find your sign. Kay? Kay ♥ tyfyt
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